Virtual Reality Surgery

Someday, we'll have robots do our surgery, and we'll get to sit in a room far, far away.  Perhaps, this way we could operate on the moon, while sitting in front of a computer at home.

Introduction and Disclaimer

I'm a surgical resident. This virtual notebook is officially started by me on 1/9/98 while on my rotation on CT surgery. Do not depend solely on this web site for vital information. There are many good references out there as well.

I hope to make this web page worthy of your return trip to this page. I've secured a domain name for this notebook. I've called it VRsurgery, a catchy name for surgery of the future.

I've put this project and idea of mine to rest temporarily, perhaps one day I'll come back to it.


Here's some random surgical notes:

Surgical Facts

Thoracic Surgery:

Mediastinal Anatomy
Anterior structures Thymus
ascending aorta
aortic arch
great vessels
lymph nodes
Middle structures Heart
trachea and bifurcation
lung hila
phrenic nerves
lymph nodes
Posterior structures Esophagus
descending aorta
thoracic duct
vagus and intercostal nerves
sympathetic trunks
azygous and hemizygous veins
lymph nodes

The Four tumors of the anterior mediastinum: Four T's:

  1. Thymomas
  2. Teratomas
  3. Thyroid tumor
  4. Terrible lymphomas


Calvin Lee, 1998, all rights reserved.

Calvin Lee, Surgery Resident at Case Western Reserve
Former PLME at Brown University